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I added scans of the Dutch Glamour magazine to the gallery. Enjoy!

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Fans, who visited the kick-off of Taylors tour, posted videos on Twitter. I included a few examples. You can check them all at Oh No They Didn’t. The thread will be updated with more videos, once they surface.

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Taylor Swift started her 1989 Tour at Tokyo Dome in the city’s Suidobashi district on Tuesday night. The 55,000 seat cylindrical stadium was packed to the hilt, and the organizers placed light-emitting wristbands on every seat so the entire crowd illuminated and changed colors in unison.

The show started with video testimonials and comments from Taylor’s friends, like Selena Gomez, Haim, and others (there was no opening act, unlike her upcoming U.S. dates). This technique continued throughout the show, primarily when the star disappeared to change costumes (which happened at least 10 times).

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The 1989 Tour is just days away and Taylor Swift fans are sure excited!! The tour kicks off in Japan on May 5-6, followed by a short break until the USA Tour begins on May 20 in Bossier City, Louisiana. In between, Swift will play Rock In Rio (but it is not an entire 1989 show). Since we last heard about the tour, many new announcements have been made regarding the tour!

‘1989 Tour': Everything We Know So Far

1. The tour will include Japan, USA, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, The UK, Ireland and Australia in 2015.

2. Vance Joy, Shawn Mendes and Haim will be opening up before Swift, with the later two being on select Dates.

3. We can expect more special guests on the 1989 Tour and Taylor has personally been inviting them to come out!

4. Swift told Access Hollywood that the show will be a mixture of songs with dancers, just the band and then just herself (as we have seen on previous tours):

“I like to switch up what people are seeing, I don’t want them to see too many choreographed numbers in a row. I want there to be dynamic changes throughout the whole show like you won’t see a full show of nothing but choreographed dances. There are are going to be some acoustic numbers, there are going to be some of just me and the band, there are some where it’s just focused only on what I’m doing performing. You have to switch it up ’cause people get bored. More easily in 2015 than ever before.”
5. We can expect more costumes changes this tour! “Oh my god I love the fashion for this [tour]. Every time I’m in the quick change changing into a new outfit I’m just like ‘I don’t want to take this one off’ but then I’m like ‘Oh but I get to put this one on.’ I love them all so much. Every outfit has a different vibe to it, every outfit is so cool. I love it … I felt like my show clothes used to seem more costume-y and now they’re much more chic,” she told Access Hollywood.

6. Even though Swift will have opening acts, her performance will still be two hours long! She told Access Hollywood:

“The show is two hours long and it’s got all these insane changes, costume changes and I’m singing for two hours straight.”
7. Swift told E! News: “The emotional DNA of the show is really cool.”

8. Taylor Nation is going on tour! That’s right, there will be a booth at every show to meet the ones that help run @Taylornation13 and to mingle with other Swifties! What more, they are planning other surprises and tweeting every night (including behind the scene photos). Be sure to look for the hashtags to follow along each show!

9. Keds will once again be a sponsor of the 1989 Tour and they will be releasing special Tour Edition shoes in May.

10. The 1989 Tour will be unlike any other tour she’s ever done!

“Well, the first thing I started with was the idea that everything we’ve ever done, every decision I’ve made on my last tours, I wanted to flip it and do the opposite for this one. So, if we had that kind of scream for the last tour, I want this kind of scream for this one. Everything from the technology we’re using, to lighting, the visuals, um, the cast, the way we’re dressed, wardrobe, everything is being come at from a different approach.”


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28430FE200000578-0-image-a-40_1430650798141Most people arrive at the airport in their comfiest clothes, but then again, most people aren’t Taylor Swift.
Refusing to dress down for a flight out of LAX airport on Saturday, the Shake It Off superstar looked the epitome of a high flyer as she strutted towards the terminal.
Making the most of her famously long legs, the 25-year-old slipped into a little black dress for her flight.

Looking even younger than her years, the blonde beauty had her locks tied up in a plait and went for a full face of make-up, adding a striking slash of red lipstick.
Any first class flyer can’t be seen without a designer bag for their long-haul essentials and Taylor had her Louis Vuitton purse slung over her forearm.
The star is leaving behind Los Angeles to kick off an exhausting world tour.
She is set to open her 1989 trek in Japan on Tuesday and has promised fans an over-the-top production.
Speaking to TIME magazine, she explained: ‘I really like for there to be something theatrical about what we do on stage.
‘When I was younger, I was just obsessed with Broadway shows. As much as I can show these audiences an element of that theatrical nature to a performance, I think that it allows them to escape from their lives a little bit more.’
The tour is set to be her biggest yet, running all the way to December when she completes the concerts in Australia.

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c6de989a25331bc1e414f7e930afce65efc4e789Too cute. Two of Taylor Swift’s sweetest fans, sisters Sam and Jo, folded 1,989 paper cranes in the hopes that Swift’s mom beats cancer.

“Hey Taylor! Sam and Jo here! There’s a Japanese legend that if you fold 1,000 paper cranes you would get one wish,” Sam tells the camera in the adorable video uploaded to YouTube. “For the past three months we have been folding 1,989 paper cranes, or 1989 paper cranes. First, we were going to wish for tickets to your concert but when we found out that your mom was diagnosed with cancer we thought we should wish for her to get better and kick cancer’s butt,” the girls explain, giggling into the camera.

“Oh, and by the way, this is what 1,989 cranes look like,” little Jo adds before their own mom pours the thousand-plus colorful cranes over them.

Earlier this month, Swift — who herself has reached out to many fans suffering from illness — revealed her mom Andrea Swift had been diagnosed with cancer. In an emotional post shared on her Tumblr, the “Shake It Off” singer wrote: “I’m saddened to tell you that my mom has been diagnosed with cancer…I’d like to keep the details of her condition and treatment plans private, but she wanted you to know.”


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Thanks to Mickey, I added the scans of Taylors Glamour issue to the gallery. Enjoy!

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I added 8 new pics of the Damon Baker shoot, which Taylor did for Glamour. Check them out in the gallery.

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