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As you know, RED hit shelves yesterday. What do you guys think of the album? Reviews have been really positive:

The reviews of Taylor Swift’s “Red” are hitting the web Monday, Oct. 22 and it looks like the feedback is mostly positive on this new release. The 16-track album is Swift’s fourth album, and it seems to showcase a marked shift in style and tone. What are the critic’s and fan’s reaction so far to Taylor’s newest endeavor?

While the reviewers may all have different opinions on Taylor Swift’s “Red,” so far consumers seem to love it. The album already has over 11,000 reviews on iTunes, and it has a five-star rating. It’s clear, however, that not everybody has been won over by this one. The album was just released Oct. 22, so Amazon reviews are slower to build, but so far the reaction there seems to be similar: Taylor Swift’s reviews stand at a 4.4 stars out of 5 so far.

As for the professional reviewers, USA Today says that Taylor Swift “glows on hot ‘Red,’” and they add, “Swift does sass and naked honesty far better than melodrama, and that keeps us craving the next chapter.” The Los Angeles Times gives Taylor Swift’s “Red” review a thumbs-up, as they say the album “burns with confidence.” Ultimately, they give Taylor Swift’s new album three out of four stars, and say “Red” is “a big record that reaches for Importance and occasionally touches it, filled with well-constructed pop songs Taylor-made for bedroom duets.”

While some Taylor Swift reviews indicate her new album is strong with just a couple of missteps, the Associated Press review indicates slightly less enthusiasm. Calling the effort “mediocre,” they feel that “Lyrically and sonically, the album lacks oomph and feeling: It sounds like we’ve heard it all from her before.” From the looks of the early Taylor Swift reviews and numbers, it seems likely that “Red” will do incredibly well in sales, even if a few songs seem to miss the feel Taylor was striving to hit. Have you listened to “Red” yet? What do you think about it so far?


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