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Taylor Swift To Release Photo Book

Taylor Swift is collaborating with America’s Next Top Model judge, Nigel Barker on a photo book.

The country singer was pictured over one whole day by the renowned photographer, as they travelled around southern California. The results? An extensive book called 8 Hours/Taylor Swift.

“She’s not necessarily known for her sex appeal, but she is someone who is emerging in a way that I’ve never seen. You’ll see her transform from a young girl into this rock and roll superstar, totally in your face,” Nigel told Entertainment Weekly.

“It’s unbelievable how she’s changed and, of course, how the music is changing and evolving. She’s one to watch.”

The reality show judge also praised Taylor for being professional throughout the photoshoot, saying, “photographing one of the most famous pop icons of our time could have been a challenge, but working with Taylor was like a dream sequence. In one day, we managed to shoot an entire book’s worth of images and multiple short films.”

We’ve got to say that is pretty impressive! 8 Hours/Taylor Swift is due to be published for a limited time from November 12, sold exclusively at Sony stores around the U.S.


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