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Taylor Swift Strikes AMA Stage With Chaotic Masquerade

Did Taylor Swift even leave the stage? Only a few beats after the Red singer accepted the award for Best Country Female at the American Music Awards, she returned to the stage again for an electrified performance of “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

One of the many singles off Red, which was released only three weeks ago and has topped the Billboard charts, “Trouble” displays Swift’s turn to pop music — more specifically, dubstep.

And with a new sound comes a new performance. Gone are the days of somber Grammy performances (check out her VMA performance for proof). Taylor’s going BIG in everything she does — from her album, her big tour and now a big, theatrical performance.

In what seems to be a replay of her “Love Story” music video, Swift descends from a large, winding staircase, masked suitors approaching her from either side. The billowy dress and chandeliers took us back to 2008, but this masquerade party changed from fairy tale to Transylvanian dance party pretty quickly.

Strobes flashed as the dubstep beat dropped and the award-winner shed her long, flowing white dress, revealing a daring red corsette, black tulle skirt and metallic cowboy boots. ” ‘Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in. Shame on me now,” she sang. But Taylor’s actions didn’t reflect her words. She kicked around her dancers very unashamedly, showing no regrets.

At the end of the song, she pushed her taunted male dancer to the “cold, hard” ground, completing her dark performance. But it wouldn’t be like Swift to leave the stage without beaming at the crowd. With a flash of smile, Taylor left the stage, leaving the chaos behind her.


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