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Lois Lowry Shares Details About Taylor Swift’s ‘The Giver’ Role

The Giver hits movie theaters next month, finally giving fans the chance to see Taylor Swift in her role as Rosemary. The book’s author, Lois Lowry, has revealed details to MTV about Swift’s role in the film. “The role in the movie is still a small role,” Lowry said. “But it’s a crucial and very important one.”

According to Lowry, Swift’s scene in the film was one that made the most impact on her teenage grandsons. “I have a copy of the movie in its final stages here on my computer, and I had my two grandsons here for the Fourth of July weekend — they’re 13 and 15, and I showed it to them — probably against the rules — anyways, I asked them was there anything special that they liked best, and one of them selected the scene with Taylor Swift,” she said.

Why did he find Swift’s scene unforgettable? “The elements of that particular scene he found very gripping,” Lowry said. “So her role in the movie is much the same in the book, except in the book she’s only remembered …. And in the movie you can see the memory of her. She appears in, I don’t know what the technical term would be, but you can see her, and it’s very compelling.”

The Giver stars Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgård, Brenton Thwaites, and Katie Holmes. It hits theaters August 15.


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