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For the past two days, Taylor has been filming her music video for ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’. I’ve added candids of the shoot to the gallery. X38HQ//November 18th – Filming ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ Music Video X37HQ//November 19th – Filming ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ Music Video

The official music video for Taylor’s song Begin Again has been released. Check it out below. Screencaptures coming soon. EDIT: I’ve added over 200 HQ screencaps of Taylor’s music video. X269HQ//”Begin Again” Music Video

I’ve posted below the link to Taylor’s music video for ‘We are never getting back together’ and below that I’ve posted the link to the gallery. I’ve uploaded HQ screencaps of Taylor in the music video. X106HQ//’We are never getting back together’ Music Video

EDIT: I’ve added screencaps of Taylor in the ‘Both of Us’ Music Video. Enjoy! X45HQ//Both of Us: Music Video Screencaps

I’ve screencapped the behind the scenes video that I posted below. It’s of Taylor’s behind the scenes music video shoot with B.o.B for their song ‘Both of Us’. X108MQ//Both of Us: Behind the Scenes Video Screencaps

Taylor Swift and rapper B.o.B. had a rough day at the office when it came to shooting the music video for their new song, “Both of Us.” The Nashville countryside, where the two chart-topping artists filmed the new video, was filled with quite a few creatures to contend with. “There’s bugs on people, there are […]

I have added high quality screencaps of Taylor’s music video “Ours” – Enjoy! X176HQ//”Ours” Music Video Screencaps

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