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Jul 08, 15   Aniek   Site 0 Comments

This site is currently up for adoption at our host Fan-Sites.org. If you are a Fan-Sites.org member and site owner and want to adopt and take care of this site, please apply here! Aniek

Apr 16, 15   Aniek   Site 0 Comments

I am happy to announce, I Heart Taylor.net finally joined Twitter! You can now join our account and be the first to know when new updates arrive. Please join us!! http://twitter.com/ihearttaylornet

Apr 15, 15   Aniek   Gallery, Site 0 Comments

Hello! Thanks a lot for coming back to this site, after we’ve been offline for a few days. My name is Aniek and took over this wonderful site from Jessie. Thanks a lot to Jessie for letting me take over. I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get everything up to date. I updated […]

Feb 17, 14   Jessie   Site 1 comment

Thanks to Fran, we have a stunning new layout! I really love this photoshoot of Taylor, and thought it was time for a new main site layout. Let me know what you think in the comments below

Dec 18, 12   Jessie   Site 0 Comments

Amazing news! IHeartTaylor.net has been nominated for a Z100 award for Favourite Fansite. Go HERE to vote. Voting closes January 3rd. If you love visiting the site as much as I love updating it, then please vote Thank you all so much for visiting I Heart Taylor; it’d be so amazing if you could vote […]

May 15, 10   Jessie   Gallery, Site 1 comment

As you can see, there’s a new layout here at the main site. I’ve added a lot of new (old but new to the site + some untagged versions of pics we had up) photoshoots to the gallery and you can see previews below. New Additions

Jan 31, 10   Jessie   Grammys, Site 0 Comments

Welcome to I Heart Taylor Swift, your newest resource for all things Taylor! We’ve been working hard on the site for the past few weeks, so we hope you enjoy what you see! We’ve got detailed content throughout – which we’ll regularly be expanding and updating – and a large gallery holding over 20,000 images. […]

Jan 22, 10   Jessie   Site 0 Comments

Welcome to the temporary version of I Heart Taylor. The full version will be launching in a few days but we wanted to get something online so we could post news pertaining to Taylor.